Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Furniture adventure- Part 1

I have always enjoyed watching HGTV. So, the other weekend I was watching some "Flea-market Flip" with my brother. We were chatting about how I needed some furniture for my apartment, and we ended up getting inspired to to some re-finishing of our own!

At the local thrift store we found a kitchen chair with good bones, but a lot of wear, for $3 and a gold metal trunk, that had seen better days, for $10.

Armed with spray paint ( found at the local Menards, much cheaper than the craft store!) along with sand paper and this nifty spray handle (about $3 and well worth it, saving my hand from cramping up!) we got to work. 

I washed down the trunk, and we sanded and the chair.

After two coats of spray paint, the chair already looked so much better!

All that's left is some light sanding, to smooth some rough spots and drips, and add a vintage effect. The chair is done!

Stay Tuned for Part II; where we tackle the trunk!

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