Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My favorite gluten free foods!

Gluten free foods have gotten a lot better over the years, but living in a family of gluten free people I've learned a lot about brands are good and where you might find them,
(For the record, I do not have celiac disease and recommend that you always double check the label to make sure an item is safe to eat:)

1. Glutino - best pretzels and crackers

2. Mary's gone crackers are good, in the seedy cracker department, and taste great with goat cheese (or regular cheese.) i would pass on their pretzels though, they were not especially good.

3. Udis is an overall a life saver. Their bread, bagels, cookies, tortillas, (basically everything) is amazing! And they are sold at a lot of stores now.
4. My personal favorite snack bar, are Pure bars. http://thepurebar.com/ (they are also vegan! ) They are certainly expensive but you can order them by the box on the website with free shipping over $39, so that helps.

So these are just a few of my favorite products, hopefully it helps:)

*all pictures are from product websites.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Love, Pillow.

I love throw pillows, like seriously, I ADORE them! However, like most people I really don't like spending $30, even for the most fabulous pillow. So, last year when I was getting to move to school and saw an inexpensive plain red pillow at Ikea, that happened to match my bedspread, I had to dress it up!

First off I used some white yarn, which  I already had, and twisted it and tacked it onto the edge of the pillow. I also added some handmade tassels.

Than, I created a template by using sticky labels and cutting out the design I wanted, It worked a lot better than just plain old paper because it adhered to the fabric and the paint didn't run under. (at least not much.)

I than used white acrylic paint to fill the stencil in.

Once the paint dried, all I had to do was peel off the stencil and there was my pretty pillow!

I've had this pillow for over a year and it has worn pretty well, I used inexpensive materials, so it won't last forever, but part of the fun of throw pillows is being able to change them out.
Hopefully this inspires you to make your own wonderful throw pillow.