Monday, March 31, 2014

Gluten free, Dairy free Sandwich Idea

      Ok, so for my first real post  I want to share my favorite sandwich recipe!
 To put this in context I have a pretty strong gluten intolerance and issues with dairy so I've had to get pretty creative with my food!
     I came up with the idea for this sandwich after having a cranberry cream-cheese Monty-Cristo at a little tea place a number of years ago. Of course I had to modify the recipe after developing my food allergies... but I like this version even better!
     So here it is:

     I use gluten free bread (I like Udi's bread  and spread soft goat cheese on each piece. Than I take raspberries (fresh are best but defrosted ones work too!) and basically smash them into the cheese. Finally I take sandwich meat (I prefer turkey or chicken) and add that. 
     You can also put lettuce or other topping on the sandwich, but I like to keep mine pretty basic (also I don't like lettuce!)
 Than you fry the sandwich. I usually use a little butter in my cast iron pan, but coconut oil or a butter substitute would work as well. 
       Voila! You now have a lovely raspberry sandwich that is allergy friendly!

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